Traditional Jewellery In Pakistan

Jewellery is that piece of item that we all need to add in to make our whole look stand out and make a statement in a room full of people! And what better way for us to make that statement than choosing to wear traditional jewellery? Traditional jewellery holds a very special place as these […]

Meenakari Jewellery Earrings in Pakistan

The origin of Meenakari Jewellery The colorful bohemian Jewellery of India is quite famous for its beautiful and intricate designs. Originating from Persia, Meenakari Jewellery was brought to India by the Mughals, and later, in the 16th century, Raja Maan Singh of Mewar, Rajasthan started displaying it for his portraits and Darbars. Meenakari Jewellery became […]

What Is The Oxidized Silver Jewelry and Its Advantages

Oxidized silver is a procedure that numerous jewelers use to give sterling silver a dark patina. It gives the jewelry a collectible or discolored look. The look is usually known as the antique look and it is also liked by the people. The procedure comprises of taking clean sterling silver and utilizing a concoction (liver […]

How Can Place Order – Desktop/PC Version

Assalamulaikum, Welcome to Pakistan no1 Jewellery Store J.S JewelleryStore.pk here we will guide you how to place the order on our website Jewellerystore.pk. Watch the video and get help to place order. Step by step guide in the video. If you still feel any problem to place order then you can also WhatsApp 03017555577 official […]

Difference between choker, chain, necklace, and pendant

Necklace, choker, chain, and pendant are all the things used to wear around the neck. These are the different types of it according to the shape and size. All of them look great around the neck whether the design is elegant or royal. The necklace is an all in all word used for every jewelry […]