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Earrings is one of the jewellery item that can enhance your whole look in beautiful side. Earrings are the type of jewellery that is connected to the ear through a piercing. Its normally worn by women in Pakistan. Earrings come in different materials normally in metal, stones, woods, and fabrics. It range from small studs to large size Jhumkay and Chand Bali.
Earrings adds a colorful flavor to your whole look. Whatever it’s a casual party or a wedding function, J.S earring collection have for any occasion. With the help of J.S JewelleryStore.pk, you can easily find any type of earrings or Jhumkas. In J.S Collection you can easily find Studs, Hoop Earrings which also called Balian, Chand Bali, Stones Earrings, Colorful Earrings, Tassel Earrings (Thread or metal) according to latest fashion and trend.
Online Cheapest oxidised jewellery in our Store and its light weight Jewellery which comes from India and called antique and vintage fashion earrings and Jhumkay.

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