Indian Sahara Earrings

Sahara Earrings

In the olden period, women in India were known to wear very heavy earrings. The Sahara chain was then introduced to help support the vast weight of these heavy, usually gold, earrings.

A Sahara is a piece of chain attached to the front of the earring which hooks to the hair directly, or it could be going around the back of the ear, for support. Thus, the Indian Sahara Earring got its name.

Sahara, when translated to English, means ‘support’ which is exactly the job of the Sahara chain. The earrings have major stones like Ruby, and Emerald and Kundan embellishments attached to the centerpieces. These centerpieces may also show off works of Meenakari and enameling which give them a traditional vibe. The strings of these Sahara Earrings are also found to be beautifully decorated with some semi or non-precious stones such as pearls and cubic zircon.

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Diverse designs and styles of the Sahara Earrings and the evolution of ‘Bahubali Earrings’

The Sahara earrings, locally also referred to as the ‘Waterfall Earrings,’  come in various types such as ‘Chandbali,’ ‘Jhumke,’ ‘Teardrops,’ ‘Huge Studs’ with danglers, and coin-shaped earrings, all with the ‘Sahara chain’ attached, adding them to the ‘Indian Sahara earrings’ category. These earrings caught the attention of the newer generation particularly in an Indian Movie ‘Bahubali’. Seeing the women in the movie wear these along with traditional attires sparked such an interest in people that these earrings are now also commonly known as ‘Bahubali earrings

Bahubali earrings soon became one of the hot favorites in the wedding attire. A great demand for these earrings came from brides as they wanted to have traditional looks at their weddings. Some brides who did not want to be very high key, kept their Sahara chains rather muted, making the main star of the show their actual earrings. Others who had more of an interest in jewelry wore extravagant and loud designs.

Due to the sudden increase in demand for the Indian Earrings, many businesses profited over it and several small businesses who only specialize in making these kinds of traditional earrings came out in the open and had an opportunity to grow as well.

The accompanying accessories to Indian Sahara Earrings

These Earrings may also double up as hair accessories, due to its chain being attached to the side or the back of the head. These earrings are usually paired up with ‘Matha Patti’ and chokers bringing that cultural look to life.

Looks and beauty with some pros and cons

However, some people may be the fans of the way these Bahubali earrings look but not of the weight they have. Artificial Sahara earrings are also available for these types of customers and there is a huge price difference between the two. Still, The Real Indian Earrings are a world apart from the less expensive, artificial ones which are commonly found in shops and stalls.

All in all the Indian Sahara Earrings are a deep and beautiful part of the Indian and Pakistani culture, being crafted since the old days till now. These Beautiful Earrings have truly added to the cultural heritage of people living in these regions.