How to Take Care of Fashionable Artificial Jewellery

At first, instance artificial jewelleries provides the wearers with more options because these are affordable and looks more luxurious as compared to the original one. However, at the same time, artificial jewellery requires more care and caution as compared to the original jewellery because as compared to the original one it contains the more artificial, coating and polishing elements. If deal with due care then these can even last for the most time period as compared to the original one. Here are some simple and useful tips to take care of your artificial jewellery and enjoy them for a last longer time period.

1. Keep in Plastic Box

The first useful tip is to never use your artificial jewellery unnecessarily. Use it wherever it is required because the plating or polish surface of artificial jewellery has a fixed lifespan and with the continuous use its surface started to become dull and dim. If you are not using your jewellery right now then keep it in the plastic box or zip lock cover. Never use the wooden boxes because the chances of scratches will be high.

2. Don’t Spray Over Jewellery

If you are perfume lover then avoid spraying it on the jewellery you have worn. Moreover, in order to clean the jewellery never use the ordinary cleaner and spray. Always use the good quality and special jewellery cleaner to keep these shiny all the time.

3. Don’t Use Tissue Paper or Sticky Cloth for Cleaning Purpose

In order to remove dust from the item never use the tissue paper and sticky cloth rather uses the non-sticky cloth and gently remove the dust from the item. Using of tissue paper and coarse or sticky cloth will firstly leave the scratches and secondly will not properly clean the jewellery. Soft toothbrushes and cotton buds can also be used for this purpose.

4. Remove Before Taking Shower or Applying Makeup

Never wear any kind of artificial jewellery while taking the shower as water and any other kind of liquid is harmful to the perseverance of artificial jewellery. Moreover, in a case of using creams or makeup products, it is better to keep these away from the jewellery.

5. Treat It Like Original

This tip is more useful one. Always treat your artificial jewellery as the original one and like the expensive product as it will create the sense of care in you.