Fashion Jewellery History and its Importance today

What it really means?

It is actually artificial jewellery and has lesser value than its outlook. It is helpful to people who can’t afford to pay higher prices for the real jewelry and have a limited budget.

How did it come into existence?

Splendid necklaces, rings, earrings, head ornaments, bracelets were all produced in ancient Egypt which spread to Greece where people started using colored stones and glass and then to Italy and Rome. In the 17th Century the fabrication of artificial jewellery spread to London and to Birmingham. Its range increased from simple designs to the use of modern stones. In the 20th century, because of the spread of media (films and stage dramas) the production of jewellery increased the range and styles of jewellery available to people and today we have different designers who produce this jewelry under brand names in different markets.

Its types existing in the 21st Century

There are different types of jewelry available now. It ranges from the jewelry of hands, Neck, Forehead, Hair, Feet etc. Jewelry also differs from culture to culture for example, the Indians use the “Maang tikkas” as a hair ornament while the western society usually uses Hair pins and Hair Hang lets. We also see the difference between the use of Bangles in the Asian states and the African states. The women in Africa are usually seen wearing heavy Bangles and they go up to their Arms. While women in Asia usually wear Bangles dangling over their lower arm only. We also see how common Body piercing jewelry is in the western society as compared to the rest of the world, showing us how the use of different forms and types of artificial jewellery differs from culture to culture. Within Pakistan we see the culture of Hunza Valley where women wear different kinds of bangles and rings, differentiating themselves from the rest of the Pakistani culture.

Why is it important?

We see how the importance of fashion is increasing day by day and not only in one but all societies around the world. Throughout the times, people have used jewelry to further enhance their inner beauty and this type of jewelry has added to the value of fashion industry. Fashion Jewellery has, moreover, made it possible for people of every class to buy jewelry at a low cost. For example a woman may never have bought a real diamond ring because of its cost but since the artificial jewellery exists, she can now purchase it easily. It has, thus, helped the women of every class to be able to enhance their beauty and come at par with the rest of the society in terms of fashion. Because of their low cost, women can also openly wear jewelry without any fear of losing precious jewelry in robbery etc. It’s not only about the cost but they look as dazzling as any other expensive jewelries available and it’s hard to find the difference among them!